The Guide To Miracle Skin: Beautycounter

Sorry for being so MIA on the blog. Between work, staying up all night with a baby, and taking care of two dogs and a husband I have been just a little busy. I am working hard to get on a better blogging schedule so stay tuned for some awesome posts!

Anyways, on to the good stuff…

Does anyone have crazy skin? Well, ya girl right here has had a journey, let me tell you! To make a long story short, I have had my skin go from oily and acne prone before pregnancy to super dry and depleted during/after pregnancy. As soon as I gave birth my hormones started to go crazyyyyyy! The combination of whacked out hormones and staying up all night equals skin gone wild! I didn’t feel comfortable going out without makeup on. I have tried multiple products to solve my skin problems from La Mer to Neutrogena, just trying to give myself perfect skin, but the all the products I tried were just a band-aid to the real problem.

On the baby side,  Ella already has had a skin journey at 5 months old! She has crazy sensitive skin with two main problems:

1.)She has dry patches on her legs. Which two weeks ago had me in a state of panic thinking she already has eczema at 5 months old!

2.) She is a bottled drinker. Because of this it sometimes leaks into the neverending crevices (wrinkles) on her neck. That means I have to constantly clean them out which causes those skin folds to get red and irritated.

With that being said, I was using the typical “popular” baby products to try and fix these problems, but not seeing much of a solution. I then ended up finding out the “popular” baby products I was using, actually contained super harmful ingredients! I was pretty much creating Ella’s skin problems and not realizing it! Ella and I were both a bunch of hot messes and this mama had no idea what to do!

Two weeks ago, my sweet friend Erin Moraites reached out to me about a skincare line which I now call my miracle products because these babies were dropped right outta heaven! Erin is a consultant for an amazing company called Beautycounter!

Beautycounter is an amazing life changing company dedicated to creating products that eliminate all harmful ingredients. I was shocked to learn that the US hasn’t passed a major federal law regulating the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938!!! That is mind-blowing! That means a ton of products that are “popular” and on the shelf of every store are actually not only harmful to you but to your family/children!

Erin reached out and told me that Beautycounter had not only had extended their line with more products for me but also a huge baby line. I was incredibly interested but also a little weary because even though I loved the safety aspect I still questioned if the products would work!

The first couple of days I started using the products I was in disbelief. The products were actually working! The redness on Ella’s neck was gone along with the dry patches! Not only did Ella go through changes, even though I was up all night I went from looking like Paris Hilton on a night bender to refreshed with glowy skin.

I want to list out the products that Erin hooked me up with along with a description of why each product is super amazing!


1.) Baby Gentle All-Over Wash- $26

I use this product as Ella’s body wash+ shampoo during bathtime. Babies have the most precious sensitive skin, and this wash helps clean the skin without stripping that moisture in it. Also, it’s tear free (YAY)!

2.) Baby Daily Protective Balm-$22

One word: AMAZING! The balm is super thick and is the reason Ella’s dry patches are completely clear. This balm is SUPER hydrating and provides that relief for dry skin. A little bit of the balm goes a long way which means a $22 tube will last for a while.

3.) Baby Calming Diaper Rash Cream-$18

I actually used this product to help the problem on Ella’s neck. This diaper cream is also thick which I love! You can tell it’s super moisturizing! It helps prevent chafing, redness which is why I used it on her neck.

4.) Baby Soothing Oil- $22

This is my favorite out of the baby products! Not only am I obsessed with oils, but I use this as an all-over lotion for both Ella and myself. It’s super moisturizing without the typical greasy feeling you get from an oil. Your skin just soaks it up.

All of the baby products are actually labeled on the Beautycounter site as family products because everyone including the adults can use them. I have tested all the products on myself besides the Diaper Rash Cream. The oil and the baby wash are great! Also, if you ever have any dry spots the protective balm is just wonderful!

Everyone a different sense of smell, but these particular family products don’t have any smell to me which is great! Babies palettes are so sensitive so I really don’t want Ella to be smelling a fragrance all night.


1.) Overnight Resurfacing Peel-$58

I am crazy stoked about this product. The first thing I noticed when I put this product on was the gorgeous citrus smell. The smell reminds me of oranges with a hint of lemon. This peel is supposed to take your dull skin and make it dewy and refreshed.  It gives your skin a mini chemical peel without the harsh chemicals. I was a little skeptical because I have tried products like this in the past with no results. After a week of using this product, I was “glowed up” baby! I couldn’t believe how smooth my skin looked. I legit looked like I had slept for 16 hours in a hydrating mask. It also looks like I have gotten about 25 facials in one week which is the bomb!

2.) Countermatch Eye Rescue Cream-$39

I have actually never used an eye cream until now, and I AM HOOKED! I have always had a hint of dark undereye circles, and of course ever since having Ella it has only gotten worse especially this week. Every morning Ella would have a rough night, my mom would say to me “You don’t look like you have been up all night”. I started thinking about that and realized it was totally this undereye cream! It makes your eyes look brighter and reduces the darkness. Also, a little bit goes a long way. I use a half a pump for both eyes!

When Erin sent me these products, she asked me to write an honest review. I have to say one thing… THE OBSESSION IS UNREAL! At first, I didn’t have much hope because of the products I have used in the past, but I don’t think I will be switching products anytime soon! I am actually going to order some of the makeup to try as well.


All of the links in this blog are not only linked to the actual products, but to the site as well. If you order any of the Beautycounter products through the links above or click on “lifewithcam” social at checkout through August 1st, you are automatically entered in a giveaway to win a GENTLE ALL-OVER WASH!! This wash can be used by adults and kids and is also an awesome gift!

If you have any questions about the products or need links, contact either myself or Erin. All of her info is below along with the NEVER LIST- the list of ingredients they never use when formulating the products.