Cute graphic t-shirt life thanks to LULUSIMONSTUDIO!

Graphic tee shirts for women
My first campaign/picture with LULUSIMONSTUDIO

Hey guys!

I’m back!! I have had a CRRRAAZZY fall/holiday season so I have been super slacking with my posts and I apologize about that. But New year, new me right?? One of my resolutions was to redo my blog and get my a$$ back in gear with blog posts. So to launch this new blog design I am talking about one of my FAV companies ever who sells the cutest graphic T-shirts ever.. LULUSIMONSTUDIO!!

Now if you follow me on Instagram you know that I have been blowing up your feed with LULUSIMONSTUDIO , but I wanted to give you guys more info on them give you 20% OFF their site !!

LULUSIMONSTUDIO is an amazing all-female owned + operated BADA$$ company. They create the most amazing graphic tees, drinkware, art prints, etc..with the most hilarious slogans! Not only do they have an exceptional team (Erin is the bomb!) but their actual product is amazing. The clothing is super well made and crazzzzy comfy. You can always tell if clothes are well made by how they wash, well every shirt/sweatshirt I have from them looks brand new after washing! Also, the drinkware is amazing too! I have one of the coffee mugs and it’s awesome. So basically what I am trying to say is I AM OBSESSED and you guys need to be with me! Go check them out!

They also just created this amazing Be the Designer Collection where you can go in a pick the style of shirt/sweatshirt, the slogan and the color! It’s super easy and tailored to you.

Ella & I love the “Be the Designer Collection”

Also, they were so so kind to give me a discount to share with all of my followers so if you use LIFEWITHCAM20 at checkout you will receive 20% OFF everything!! Go shop now!


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  1. 1.17.19

    Caroline, your new site looks great! And I love these graphic tees you wear, always so cute!

    • 1.17.19
      Caroline Mathis said:

      You have made my day love!

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