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Hi guys!

So I know a lot of my blog posts have been beauty related, but that something that is super important to me right now! I have mentioned this many times, but I am on a skin journey. I am constantly on the hunt for THE BEST skin products.

That being said let me intro you into one amazing company called Fysha. I came across this UK-based skincare company on Instagram and was super curious about these beautiful square-shaped soaps. Once I researched about the Fysha, I was sold and immediately reached out to collaborate.

Fysha’s motto is that nature can offer everything to make our skin beautiful and healthy. One of the main ingredients that is incorporated in every soap is premium extra virgin olive oil from Greece! The soaps are 100% natural, vegan, non-toxic and cruelty and palm oil free.

If that hasn’t sold you yet…

Not only do the ingredients matter, but also the aesthetic of the soaps. They are individually handmade, and only a limited number are produced of each so the product itself isn’t compromised. They are all beautifully cubed to help with the longevity of the soap and the top is hand stamped with the Fysha logo. They can be used on the face and body as well.

There are multiple soaps that are sold on the site. Each soap is made with different ingredients that have a specific purpose. I received two different soaps.

Grapefruit & Dead Sea Mud Soap

This blend is the detox and anti-aging blend. The combination of Dead Sea Mud and Grapefruit helps purify and refresh your skin all while fighting age. This soap also helps to revive dull and tired skin. I knew this was perfect for me because being a new mom, dull tired skin is my middle name.

Lavender & French Pink Clay Soap

The Lavender & French Pink Clay combination calms your skin. It deep cleans while helping to restore your skin’s natural balance and glow. I personally picked this one because my skin tends to have flare-ups and I need to calm and restore my skin’s natural balance.

As soon as these works of art got delivered in my mailbox, I rushed out to grab the package! They came wrapped in beautiful boxes that had their ingredients listed on the side. As I opened the boxes, each of the soaps had beautiful scents that matched their description. The Grapefruit & Dead Sea Mud soap had an earthier fragrance while the Lavender & French Pink Clay had a lavender/floral scent. They both came with little pamphlets inside that talked about the ingredients more in-depth and how each ingredient works on the skin.

How to use

On their website, Fysha encourages you to lather the soaps and massage onto wet skin with a clean sponge. Rinse off the product with cold or lukewarm water, and keep the soaps in a well-drained soap dish to allow it to properly dry.  I take off all of my makeup with my makeup remover first. I have been using the soaps in combination with my other skin care products. (eye cream, moisturizer, etc..) I started to use a sponge, but I realized got the wrong sponge so I have been using my hands to lather the soap. I do believe that having a good face sponge does help, but even with using my hands the soap still worked great!

What I Think

I started to use the soaps around a week ago. I started with the Grapefruit + Dead Sea Mud soap to give my skin a good detox, and I AM IN LOVE!! I could feel the soap really cleaning my skin without over drying. My skin feels smooth to the touch and I can’t get enough of the smell. Also, to make this even better the soaps run about 10 pounds which is around  $12.92. That is really not expensive AT ALL for what you are getting! I would pay a gazillion dollars for great skin so $12.92 is a steal for healthy skin.

Again, I have only been using these products for a short amount of time, and my skin already seems better so I can’t wait to see my skin in a month! I highly recommend these soaps to anyone who wants clean, great, healthy skin. Thank you Fysha for creating such an amazing natural product that actually works!

Click here to order your Fysha soaps!

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