Embracing this Mom Bod one outfit at a time.

First, I wanted to thank everyone so much for the support on the blog! I am so excited to start this journey and I’m thankful for all of the sweet comments and messages.

Now the good stuff…

B.E. (Before Ella) when I thought about what my life after pregnancy was going to be like, I always thought as soon as the baby popped out I would just hit up a couple of yoga classes and viola…I would be back to my normal self.

Let’s just say this…reality hit hard! Who knew when you have a baby that your entire body changes???? Let me tell ya something, its four months postpartum and your girl isn’t going to be putting on a crop top anytime soon. The truth is it was hard to accept what my body had become, but then I thought I just created a human! How badass is that!?

My body has been flipped around, turned upside down and you know what.. I am damn proud! So in the words of Justin Timberlake, ” I’m bringing sexy back” mom bod style!

With that being said part of this blog will be my favorite beauty products and clothes that have been most beneficial to me being a new mom.

Floral Top (Similar Style) // Joe’s Jeans Shorts(similar) // David Yurman Bracelet

I took a quick shopping trip to H&M with my sister Catherine over the weekend. I immediately saw this gorgeous floral babydoll top and I had to have it! The cut is not only flattering, but the material is comfortable and cool. As a new mom, dressing comfortably and quickly is key! Tops that transition well from day to night without much thought is perfect for a mom, and this top does incredibly well doing that. All I have to do is throw on a pair of white jeans and I’m ready for date night. Plus, peep those gorgeous straps! I love how it gives my arms a more flattering look while withstanding a baby pulling on it. Of course, this particular top is completely sold out now, but I have linked a similar style top!

Another staple in my new summer mom bod wardrobe has been a great pair of jean shorts! I am absolutely OBSESSED with these Joe’s Jeans pair. Joe’s can be a bit more expensive, but they are so worth it for the price. I actually lucked out and got these from Marshall’s but I have linked a similar pair. This particular pair has an incredibly soft feel and the wash goes perfectly with about every top I own.

P.S. Don’t you just love my really complicated braid? There is about a weeks worth of dry shampoo in that rat’s nest (another blog post coming soon). I said I was bringing sexy back not that I was a cool mom (not yet that is).