Best Christmas Gifts For Women 2023

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Hi my Fabulous Friends!

It pains me to write this blog post this early however Christmas is right around the corner. My motto for my entire life has been to get gifts last minute , but the stress that causes me has been out of control. So this year my new goal is to go ahead and grab the gifts early so I don’t even have to think about them by the time Christmas gets here. (Plus, it eliminates worrying if a certain item is going to sell out).

With all of that being said I have rounded up a ton of the best Christmas gifts for women. Hopefully this will help get a jump start on your Christmas buying this year.

1.) Apple Watch Series 8 I LOVE my Apple Watch. I just upgraded to the series 8 and it’s just the best! Not only can I get all my texts, emails, phone calls, but it helps track fitness goals like calories, sleep, steps, takes heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and so much more!! It’s worth every penny. I wear it every day. Also, just a quick PSA Amazon is an authorized retailer of apple products.

2.)Sol De Janiero Bum Bum Cream– This lotion has been a staple in my body care routine for around SIX years now!! I got it originally as a gift from my mom and from the first time I cracked that jar open I have been fully hooked!! This is one of my top 5 most talked about items. I know this product is a bit more expensive but the smell alone is worth the price! It smells like you are at the most luxurious  resort on the beach sipping the BEST Pina Colada of your life!!  It also helps with hydrating the skin and reducing cellulite. I love it so much I have almost every scent in a big size and travel size.

3.) I pad– I am an I pad girly through and through. I have the I Pad Pro which is amazing but my sister has the I Pad mini and she LOVES IT! I can edit photos, answer emails, do work, plan my schedule, serve the internet, watch shows and movies, YOU NAME IT!! There is literally an app for everything! I typically bring my iPad over computer while traveling.

4.)Bedsure Electric Blanket– One thing you need to know about me is I am a brand loyalist. If I find a brand that I love I stick with it. I can’t rave enough about Bedsure! They are one of my favorite home companies. They make the BEST blankets, linens, pet beds, towels, etc.. Not only is their stuff extremely durable but also affordable. One thing I have learned as I have gotten older is I appreciate anything that is comfortable. There is nothing like wrapping up in a nice warm blanket and watching a good movie or reading a good book. This electric blanket is perfect for this.

5.)Ugg Tazz Braid Slipper– It doesn’t get any better than Ugg. I waited an entire year for the Ugg Tazz slipper and it was so worth it! They are insanely comfortable and look so cute! This new braid slipper is so comfy cute and perfect for walking the dogs or running errands. Hurry before these sell out!

6.) Kindle– This is going to be a blog post in itself. I could go on for days about the Kindle. It has to be one of my favorite products I owe and one of my most used products as well. It allowed me to love to read again. Basically the main take away from the kindle is it allows you to house an entire library in a device that is extremely portable. You can read and download any e-book with the click of a button!! The other plus of the Kindle is depending on the model it has a backlight, waterproof, warm light and you can change the font size, style etc.. I am going to go into more depth in a future blog post on the different models but the models I have and recommend are the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis.

7.)Ulike IPL Device- As I get older shaving as gotten to be more and more of a pain! I did a more in depth blog post you can read here
however hair removal has gotten so easy with at home IPL devices. This device is completely painless and over time your hair gets less thick!

8.) Oura Ring– This has been my latest obsession. Once I buy and try this out I will do a much more detailed blog post. The Oura Ring is a MUST HAVE for tracking anything health related. It even tracks your cycle and ovulation.  It comes in multiple different styles like gold, silver, rose gold. It has an amazing battery life and is waterproof. It also looks super cute and stylish.

9.)Dr Scholls Time Off Sneaker– I just did a blog post on the 7 most affordable sneakers to wear with any outfit and this shoe made the list. I just purchased these so I will let you know more soon. However this is suppose to be the IT shoe. It’s so stylish and cute , but also insanely comfortable. I am heading to NYC for a work trip soon so I will let you know how these wear.

10.)The Dyson Airwrap– I have every single Dyson hair product minus the straightener. I can honestly say that yes they are insanely expensive but worth every penny. The Airwrap is my favorite hair tool that I own. Once you learn how to use it correctly (watch lots of videos) you can style your hair so many ways! My sister just borrowed it from me recently and was raving about how awesome it is.


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