All about the Jumpsuit this spring

Girl wearing black jumpsuit
Girl wearing black jumpsuit

Hey guys,

Hope you guys are having a great weekend! So yesterday I did a little something with my hair and totally went to the dark side! I haven’t been dark in a LOOONG time so I am excited to embrace this new look.

On a different note, I have a huge gala I am attending this weekend. The Gala is a masqueade themed ball and this year is black & white. I wore a beautiful gown from Red Dress Boutique last year and it was amazing, however, I wanted a little change this year.

I have been totally on the jumpsuit trend and have been DYING to wear one, however, I have a super long torso and (not to be crude) can get a camel toe (haha). When I saw this gorgeous jumpsuit I had to try it! I knew I was taking a shot, but I had to order it.

I am OBSESSED to say the least. Not only is the jumpsuit insanely comfortable, but it’s super flattering! I just had Ella a year ago and I’m still a bit uncomfortable wearing tighter things, but this is amazing! Don’t get me started with the back! The gorgeous criss-cross is such a statement.

The only negative I have is I went with the small it’s a tiny bit tighter on the crotch region. I should have sized up and just gotten it altered, but I didn’t want it to be too long, but it isn’t so bad where I need to exchange etc…

This amazing jumpsuit comes in two other colors, oh and did I also mention that it’s only $52!!! The site I got it from also has 20% off when you first sign up and multiple influencers always rep this brand with a coupon code as well.

I can’t wait to wear it this weekend! To shop click this link or shop my favorite jumpsuits below.

P.S. Wondering about my earrings?? They are from the CUTEST online boutique called Pretty in Palms that sells the most gorgeous statement earrings and necklaces! Go check them out!

*Please note that this article contains affiliate links, and that means that I may earn a commission if you buy something. All opinions are my own*

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