About me

February of 2018 is a month I will never forget. My life was flipped upside down and inside out. That was the month I became a mom! Now let me flash back a bit…I was living my life! I was working, traveling, eating out, buying clothes… aka treat yo’self. Kids were in the future, but far off (lol). I don’t think anyone knows how to raise a kid, but I was really in for a treat. The past (almost) year has been quite the most amazing adventure. Being a mom is super challenging, but has totally changed me for the better!

With that being said, being a mom is the best, but I needed a creative outlet to hopefully help other moms. I wanted to share my life being a parent This blog is to share my favorite beauty products /clothing now being a mom, and I wanted to share it with you through a positive joyful light aka through a rose-colored lens and so.. A Rose Lens is born!

If you have any questions or want me to review something, in particular, let me know!